Happy Hour

You’re sitting at work — watching the clock tick as you furiously type away at your keyboard. It feels like the end of your work day can’t come soon enough.

…Sound familiar?

What better way to cap off a hard day’s work than sitting down with a beautiful glass of wine and having a gab with friends about your week.

At Eliot & Vine, we believe that happy hour isn’t really about cheaper drinks — it’s a time to unwind, recharge and connect with the people in your life, whether it’s with your friends or your co-workers.

In acknowledgement of the importance of the post-work “chill-out”, we are now offering $6 drinks* from 5pm-6pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

Sundays are also a great day to relax and cap off your weekend — so, we wish you “Happy Sunday”. Every Sunday from now on will be serving $6 drinks* from 5pm until close.



*Wine, draughts, ciders. Price applies only with the purchase of food.