Seeking out sustainable seafood

From recycling, to biking to work, to making sure we’re eating sustainable foods. We’re all becoming a bit more environmentally conscious.

Earlier this month was Oceans Week, so we’re taking this opportunity to tell E&V customers why we care so much about where our seafood comes from.

So – what is sustainability, anyway?

In simple terms, it means the source of production can be maintained or even increased in the long term, without lasting negative effects on the food chain.

So, if we’re taking 50 halibut from the Atlantic today, we need to be sure that 50 more healthy, happy halibut will replace them.

Sustainable seafood is important because without it, our oceans will be completely empty of most of the fish we eat now in only handful of years. We’re currently fishing 2-3 times more seafood than the ocean can keep up with.

Large commercial fisheries are dooming our world’s oceans through overfishing.

But consumers can help fix these problems by making sure they know where their seafood comes from.

At E&V, most of our seafood comes from local supplier Afishionado Fish Mongers.
Their sustainability promise is that we can follow the supply chain from the sea to your plate.

All of Afishionado’s seafood is verified Ocean Wise. This means it meets certain standards:

  • The fish is abundant and resilient to fishing
  • The fishery has a well-managed sustainability plan
  • Fish is harvested in a way that limits the catching of non-targeted or endangered species
  • Fished in a way that limits damage to marine habitats

Afishionado’s Catch of the Week program means their supply is always changing, and our menu at E&V changes with it.

Right now, we’ve got local razor clams, St Mary’s Bay diver scallops, and land-raised salmon just to name a few. These delicious seafoods have been incorporated into mouth-watering appetizers, pasta dishes and savoury main courses.

But there’s a catch with sustainable seafood: it’s not an unlimited supply. Popular dishes like the Seafood Chowder and our house-made Chorizo & Squid were on the E&V menu for a limited time only.

You never know when your favourite will run out! Whether it’s the scallops or salmon, come try it before it’s gone.

Reserve your table at Eliot & Vine today, and ask our chef the story behind your seafood.